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 Post subject: Re: BST magic
PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:36 am 
Adventure Rider
Adventure Rider

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DR Grifter wrote:
I may have become a TM40 convert after a half hour test ride on a friend's DR650. A previous owner set this DR up and new owner doesn't know much, lacks mech knowledge or history of her bike.

1. unlike the several previous TM40 equipped DR's, this one had a very light throttle pull. Lighter than my BsT! (but my throttle cables have 60k miles on them and throttle grip is dragging)

This TM40 equipped bike also had immediate and very strong response right off the bottom ... and pulled perfectly and HARD all through mid range. A bit improvement over my BST DR650!

2. This is the first TM40 that CLEARLY out performed my DR from zero to about 70 mph.

My DR is well set up with open air box, Yosh pipe, DJ needle,
150 main, stock pilot. Compared to several other DR's with well set up BST's, my bike is right there, very strong.

3. But overall my friends bike really was better than my bike ... and believe me, I'm biased towards the BST. But my seat of the pants did not lie, having ridden this TM40 DR back to back with my bike. One on, onto the other ... and back again.

TM40 wins in this case.

So ... would I buy one? NO. But why not?
For long distance travel I feel the BST is more forgiving, easier to work on and I can carry a few tiny parts to keep it going easily.

I know it pretty well ... it's never let me down.
Down Side? Over the 60K on my DR I have replaced the BST carb twice. So, roughly 20K miles per Carb.

On each swap I transferred the DJ needle and main jet from my original Carb. All good.

Last thing is fuel economy. I know the TM40 can be tuned to get decent economy, but many don't do that well. I get close to 50 MPG in nearly all conditions on my BST set up, not sure I could achieve that with a TM40. How many times do you want to PULL OFF that Carb to get a few more MPG's? I've already put in that hard word on my BST ... spent months fiddling with jetting, air box to get it right and still have good

But ... must say, I was really surprise how well my friends TM40 performed, as two earlier TM40 equipped DR's were not nearly as impressive as this one.

The DJ needle in our comparison to the JD needle and the BST Magic came out last. Same day, two bikes tested with swapped parts between them. Same results. Your BST was obviously good but not as good as it could have been. In my opinion.

"Sold" 2011 DR650 GSXR #24, drilled slide, cut spring, modified stock needle, with cut air box, air assist forks, lowered pegs, stock tank,15-41. Still love working on them!

 Post subject: Re: BST magic
PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:25 am 
Adventure Rider
Adventure Rider
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advbedouin wrote:
Does the TM40 have 4 rollers on the slide like the FCR carbs do?
No, it slides directly in the carb body slide guide just like the BST.

Everything for your DR650 and lots of other keen stuff!
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