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PostPosted: Tue May 23, 2017 1:32 pm 
Adventure Rider
Adventure Rider
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mxrob wrote:
I too am having a hard time understanding what the problem is with our current system. The transaction between the buyer/seller is a two person deal. The village has nothing to do with it's outcome. Why does this have to be publicly posted to be of value to the people making the deal? Everyone gets notifications of PM's at the top of the forum. You can also get email notifications of PM's. If the seller isn't responding to a PM message which they can plainly see when they log on.... posting in a forum isn't going to make any difference in their responsiveness.

Hundreds of items have been sold/traded/given away on this forum. If you chose not to use it.... :pardon:

I'd recommend re-reading ProCycles post earlier here. Fact is few want to PM ad's original poster for answers that should have been included in original FS post.

And it IS a village and not just between buyer/seller. Many scan For Sale ads and if answers are there from the questions of earlier posters ... so much the better.

What if 15 guys respond to an ad with QUESTIONS? ALL THE SAME QUESTIONS! :fool: Ends up being a lot of back and forth work for the Poster. Most posters never seem to respond to PM's in a timely manner. If the ad is OPEN, he only need go back and respond ONCE to answer all 15 guys. So which is easier? Smarter? :idea:

But showing posts you allow EVERYONE to see answers to questions. Much less hassle for original poster and easy and informative for
forum users. Clean, easy, more efficient IMO.

In response to Rob's original request ... I agree folks need to DELETE old posts or DELETE when items are sold/old. Site owner should not have to clean up this sort of site clogging debris. So, to all, manage your posts, delete when sold or withdrawn from sale. :drinks:

PostPosted: Tue May 23, 2017 2:15 pm 
Single Tracker
Single Tracker

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I bought a few bits just last month. PM process was great. Seller was great. I too get ticked with the long running Q&A and eventually somebody saying, "You are crazy for asking $$$ for that!". I doubt I would see that with this crowd but this process nips it in the bud.

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