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 Post subject: Michelin Tyres
PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 1:31 am 
MSF Student
MSF Student

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Just a brief review of the Michelin tyre set I have had on my DR for the past 6 months/5000km. Hope it's of some use in the never-ending "which tyre is best" saga!

After much research, I opted to fit a set of Michelin DOT knobbies to my DR after running a few sets of Dunlop 606s on my previous bike.
This is a Desert Race front/ T-63 rear combo I settled on after lukewarm reviews of the T-63 front elsewhere. My riding style is not very aggressive but not plodding either: safely moderate I guess you could say. The bike is minimally modded and I ride with little to no luggage most of the time. I fit my own tyres at home (those rears don'y get much easier with practice, sorry) and static balance them, as well as run Talon rimrocks and HD tubes. Pressures have been about 18f/22 r with down to 8 and 12 for deep sand riding. I ride mostly gravel backroads, with a longer sandy trip recently, quite a bit of rocky, shaley tracks and maybe 5% bitumen. Overall, the Michies have done very well and I'd recommend them to riders in similar conditions.

Front: Obviously a very stoutly constructed tyre for higher speeds. This tyre was quite sketchy regardless of pressures for the first 1000 km, after which it has settled into a nice, predictable ride just below 20 psi for most purposes now. I think the centre knobs are made of a very hard rubber, which takes along time to scuff in properly. Maybe 1/3 worn now, it looks like it will easily outlast two rears. More expensive initially (around $150 in Aus), but the even wear and good traction makes it a keeper for me.

Rear: Perhaps the most unsexily-named tyre ever, the T-63 sounds like a Soviet-era tank to me. Luckily the hoop itself is a beauty. Definitely a loud, rumbly knobby when first ridden, it has settled down into a smoother, quieter ride after 5000km. Only half worn (11mm new, 7 mm now at centre of tread), I'll give it another two thousand k's max before swapping it out for a fresh one prior to the depths of Winter here. Traction hasn't been an issue whatsoever in gravel, sand and shale but it hasn't really seen any mud and it would be a harsh call to judge it in it's half-worn state now. Bitumen running has been average, very similar to the D606 but has worn better despite harder use compared to my old bike. I've probably spent less time on tar, though. I could be tempted to try a Mitas E09 rear next time just to revert to the original 120/90x17 size. The supply of Mitas is patchy at best here, which means I'm very happy to stick with the Desert Race/T-63 combo for my 20% on/80% off road riding.

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